Alpharetta GA Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Alpharetta GA Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Alpharetta Georgia Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Alpharetta Georgia
Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Need quality hardwood floor refinishing in Alpharetta Cumming GA?  You can count on Atlanta Hardwoods, a top rated hardwood flooring company in the Atlanta Metro Area.   We have been installing and refinishing hardwood floors in the Atlanta Metro Area for over 30 Years. 

Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful aspects of a home. It glimmers in natural and artificial light and the wood grain renders your home completely unique. But when your hardwood flooring starts to look weathered in a less than attractive fashion, you might consider reviving your flooring. Hardwood flooring refinishing processes are totally safe for the wood and can increase the longevity of the flooring. We recommend it for folks who:

·       Are just tired of the color of your wood flooring. You can refinish your flooring with a new stain to change the look.

·       Recently discovered you already have beautiful hardwood floors under that ugly, worn-out carpet. Refinishing those hardwoods will instantly add value to your home.

·       Are interested an inexpensive and highly-effective service that provides new life to your space and home value.

Our team of skilled flooring technicians at Atlanta Hardwoods can extend the life of your existing wood floor with expert hardwood floor refinishing services.  


Hardwood Refinishing in Alpharetta Georgia

Choosing the right flooring installer doesn’t have to be difficult. With over 30 years of industry experience, Atlanta Hardwoods is the preferred hardwood floor refinishing company for many in the Atlanta Metro Area.   

What we provide goes beyond surface knowledge. Our model is service-oriented, providing an unmatched customer experience. When you call Atlanta Hardwoods, you know you’re getting quality, reliability, honesty, and precision workmanship.

We believe that customer service and competency should be the most important aspect of choosing a flooring contractor.  Our team is focused on each customer as if we were working on our own house, no matter the size of the job.

Hardwood Refinishing in Alpharetta Georgia

A beautiful, durable floor sets the tone for the entire room—and sets the stage for some of the most meaningful moments of life. Your baby’s first steps. Roughhousing with your kids after work. Sitting in front of the fireplace with your spouse. The hardwood flooring you choose can communicate warmth, comfort, luxury, or even a sense of playfulness. Our homes say a lot about us — and do a lot for us. Our homes are where we go when we need to take a moment to rest and get away from the world, where we invite our friends and families when we want to offer hospitality, and where we spend time with our favorite people. After a while, our homes begin to reflect who we are.

We start every project the same way. With an in-depth conversation exploring what you and your family want and need from your new floors. We’ll talk materials, color palette, design aesthetics, and more.  That’s it! Setting the process in motion and moving on to the next client—we manage the installation at every stage so that our clients have an easy, enjoyable experience.

When is Refinishing Wood Flooring Your Best Option?

If scratches or dings are in the hardwood, sanding and refinishing can restore the previous beauty and quality of the flooring. Make sure your boards are thick enough to be refinished – at least 1/4″ or wood above the tongue & groove needs to be available. Check at floor edges or around a heat register to see how much wood remains. Keep in mind that a hardwood floor can only be sanded and refinished so many times because you lose height each time you sand it. There may be gaps in the hardwood that need filling and other repairs to be made before starting to sand and refinish. If the wood floor feels spongy, if it sags, or if boards are cupping, buckling or warped, then they probably need to be replaced before the wood flooring refinishing process can begin.


Hardwood Resurfacing in Alpharetta Georgia

Most people dont realize thats an option. ” Are your hardwood floors a little dull and the finish is starting to wear down? that happens to all hardwood floors. Take action before its to late. Atlanta hardwoods offers hardwood floor resurfacing for a quarter of the cost of a complete refinishing. Our highly skilled technicians start by cleaning the surface of your floors, followed by a light sanding, and a coat of commercial grade waterbase urethane. The process can be completed in hours based upon square footage and your back on the floors the same day. Bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors with Atlanta hardwoods resurfacing process.”  

With your first call, you’ll notice that Atlanta Hardwoods is different.  We are a full-service hardwood floor restoration company that offers competitive pricing and service extras like furniture moving and plumbing/appliance relocation are only a few reasons we are a step above the rest. We are close by, neighborly, and convenient and our number one goal is to make a great impression on you.  Our team will do whatever it takes to make you happy with your floors and with us for years to come!  Call today for a Free Estimate!

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